About Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University is the oldest university in Japan formerly known as Sapporo Agricultural College founded in 1876. Be it the university’s alumnus Prof. Akira Suzuki or Mr. Yuichiro Miura, an alpinist with a Guinness World Record to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 80, the famous saying of the founder of Hokkaido University, Prof. William Smith Clark – "Boys, be ambitious" explains it all why Sapporo is in fact the destination with high ambitions. Since 1876, Hokkaido University has earned a reputation for pioneering research on the cutting edge for 140 years. Today, Hokkaido University is an advanced research institution, with strong links to industry, community and government.

Bust of Prof. William Smith Clark

The campus is located in downtown Sapporo, within walking distance to almost everything the beautiful city has to offer. Often regarded as the most beautiful university campus in all of Japan, our stunningly beautiful campus has everything from old-growth forested areas to picturesque rivulets as well as immaculately preserved buildings dating back to the era of our establishment.

Scenary of Hokkaido University Scenary of Hokkaido University

Campus map of Hokkaido University

Map of Hokkaido University

Important Dates

Paper Submission Due
March 1, 2017
March 10, 2017
Acceptance Notification
April 30, 2017
Final Paper Due
May 10, 2017
Advance Registration Due
May 15, 2017